Cultivar Review: Bubblegum Gelato by Empire Genetics

#bubblegumgelato by @empiregenetics x @empireinvestements

Lineage/Genetics – Gelato 33 x bubblegum/ Runtz possibly

Original Breeder/Grower: Empire Genetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Bubblegum Gelato Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

I met my fellow cannabis reviewer stoner bro @thethcspot and he came packing with some @empireinvestements x @empiregenetics 1 The first flower that caught my attention based on the packaging is the bubblegum gelato .

The structure remind me of a gelato 33 blend with LCG/ Runtz trichomes features. The nugs were a bit dry , non sticky- dusty trichomes residue left on my fingers. The scent is bubblegum 🍬 cotton candy, floral aroma .

The taste is this immaculate bubblegum flavor in terpenes. This is what bubblegum popperz should of tasted like 👍🏽. It’s like smoking on a bubblelicious pink flavor gum with earthy soil fuel to compliment the sweetness. The effects are medium level cerebral high, great body high. I had it on a wake and bake and also as an afternoon smoke 💨. I enjoyed it more as a wake n bake. I felt my eyes 👀 low ,still active but yet my body felt massaged by the comatose effects. The smoking experience can be improved. The inhale was a bit harsh still packed with fuel & spice and limone/myrcene terpenes. It gave me a scratchy throat on the after taste. The ashes burn a 60/40 more salt than pepper.

Overall, the high and the taste is the highlights of this bubblegum gelato. I also like the packaging. I feel it can be better dialed in on a future run to get a better smoking experience. Shoutout to @empireinvestements & @empiregenetics x @empiregenetic for the flower and big shoutout to @thethcspot for blessing me.. Bubblegum Gelato – 3.5/5
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