Cultivar Review: Cherry Punch by Pacific Reserve

Cultivar of the day: Cherry Punch from Pacific Reserve

This batch tested at 24.6% THC and 0.00% CBD and 0.945% CBG

Package Date: 02/21/2021

Lineage/Genetics: Cherry AK and Purple Punch

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Pacific Reserve

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Cherry Punch Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

cherry punch by pacific reserve strain review by ogweedreview 2First Whiff: Cherry Kool-Aid

Grind: Sweet Cherries with hints of Skunk

Bud-Stem Mastication: Yummy CHERRIES

Mighty @ 369℉: Deep Fried Cherry Pie

Bongs: Expando-matic CHERRIES

This is my first time trying the Pacific Reserve brand and for a dollar conscious 1/8th, I was happily satisfied with my purchase.

My 1/8th contained (3) really nice, thickly frosted, gram sized nuggs with perfect manicures, two little nuggs to balance out the other half gram.

When I cracked open the 1/8 jar of Cherry Punch from Pacific Reserve, the explosion of terpenes coming out, released a smell that reminded me ripping open a pack of Cherry Kool-Aid, it rocked me back to the summers of my childhood.

I masticated one of the stems from a bud I ground and was greeted with a nice Cherry Berry contentment, seriously, I loved chewing it down and sticking it in between my lower front teeth and gum, sucking on some Sweet Cherries. It produced a nice tingle and had an incredible amount of flavor.

For me the high from this Cherry Punch from Pacific Reserve is a perfect balance of Creativity and Chill. I had a great time busting out these videos and shooting the stills (Creativity) and I found this cultivar worked great for my lower back pain (Chill) during the shooting and editing. The high hit quickly and had hell of a nice sustain, 3 hours plus.

If you like Sweet Cherry flavors at a great price, this Cherry Punch from Pacific Reserve is defiantly worth searching out.

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Check out more reviews by @ogweedreview on Instagram and on the ogweedreview website! (

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