Strain Review: Slurricane by Party Time Farms

The Slurricane Strain 🌀⛽🍾 #Slurricane 🌀⛽🍾

“Strong enough to start an engine, mane”

Lineage/Genetics: Do-Si-Dos x Purple Punch

Original Breeder: In House Genetics

Grower: Party Time Farms

Dispensary: CA Collective

Slurricane Strain Review

🌀Mostly Green sticky dense nugs with some purple , embedded with long orange hairs frosted with trichomes
💨Strong skunk aroma Followed by a strong tone that i can only describe as petrichor
⛽Tastes slightly piney but mostly like water or the aroma of petrichor
🤷🏿‍♂️Very social and active high but mild in intesity
🌀Looks better than it smokes still a great choice i was just expecting a stronger high
💯Took this strain to vegas and had a great time and felt like i brought the #bayarea with me in a blunt .
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