Cultivar Review: Don Quixote by Rose Gardens

Don Quixote is a quixotic cultivar that will send you on quite the quest. Besides dabbing me out and letting me experience the uber rare Emburr herb iron, Jeff from Rose Gardens also hooked me up with some Don Q and had some Qs on how it turned out.

Lineage/Genetics: Chile Verde x Royal Kush

Original Breeder: Emerald Mountain Legacy

Grower: Rose Gardens

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Don Quixote Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

don quixote by rose gardens strain review by caleb chenThis Don Q was soil grown in Sonoma County. The nugs are perfectly cured and perfectly trimmed. It isn’t overly sticky but still a nug will still stick to your finger when pressed with even moderate force. The amount of trike heads that fall off every time you pick a nug up is kinda crazy. This is green weed at its finest, turned lighter by a filter of trike stalks.

The smell hits me something like a chamoy covered mango that has sat out in the hot sun for a tidbit too long. To me though, the slightly acrid/citric funk is really muted along the musk and earth tones. Great combo and these smells do translate to taste. No Sonoma aroma, here!

When you are on this high, you will endeavor to articulate yourself with all the strappings of a knight in shining armor. It matters not that the armor itself is older than you and has long since lost its shine. It doesn’t even matter that your squire is actually your bemused neighbor.

I would call this high motivationally quixotic. There is a sense of urgency on this high. Yet, there’s that feeling of contentment that whatever path you’re on – be it to the kitchen to the keyboard or to the drive thru – is the right move.

Might be my new favorite high for dealing with writer’s block!

This is one of those cultivars that if you hotbox, the smoke just keeps developing. Rose Gardens has the fire

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