Cultivar Review: Gassius Clay by Fiya Farmer x 5 Points x Backpack Boyz

Gassius Clay #gassiusclay by @fiyafarmer x x @backpackboyz.oakland

Lineage – Gelonade x Dosidos x ( illmatic)

Original Breeder: Fiya Farmer x 5 Points x Backpack Boyz

Grower: Fiya Farmer x 5 Points x Backpack Boyz

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Gassius Clay Cnnabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Gassius Clay is @fiyafarmer ‘s creation involving the like of Dosidos & Gelonade, plus his Nas’ inspired illmatic strain. This collaboration with legendary brands @backpackboyz.oakland x . #fiyafarmer

Cream is one of my favorites, reviewing Gassius was a priority since I seen the post release announcement a while back. The structures of the nugs came smalls and medium sized. I was a bit of an upset the small nugs overtaken the eighth more than medium. The nugs came with a nice colors of prune purple hues, green pepper & lime color buds, Doritos color pistils, splatter with oat milk color trichomes. The scent is gassy terpinolene, had my nose 👃 stuffy with the musky floral aroma.

The gas comes out with a stronger odor after the grind. The palate is the sweetness earthiness of the Dosidos followed by a punch of the illmatic, after punch limonene of the Gelonade . The effects are comatose cerebral high. It’s definitely a chest locker, couch locker. The high rides intense for like a good 45 minutes and starts dying down lasting 1.5 hrs the most . The buzz starts around 5-6 pulls in. The ashes burn clean salt with spice of pepper. The inhale is smooth bitter with more gas than sweetness 😮‍💨.

Overall, Gassius Clay lived up to its name. It’s Gassy fuel blends with pungent hint tart fruity myrcene terps. I like the effects but feel they can be longer lasting. In conclusion, It is worth the try, especially after two joints.

It’s not Cream, but still be feeling the K.O of the Gassius Clay – 3.9/5 .
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