Cultivar Review: Haze #19 by Heartrock Mountain Farm

A sungrown Haze #19 by @heartrockmountainfarm

Grower: Heartrock Mountain Farm

Haze #19 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Harvest date: 11/2/22

One of my rarer finds this year.

Haze #19 isn’t your super silver or your super lemon – It’s plain ol’ haze. Or one of its known phenotypes, to be specific.

Haze is a family of cultivars that many smokers in certain geographic regions have no experience with because it is generally not thought of as economical to grow at scale due to longer flowering time, lower yields, and the fact that it’s not candy or gas.

Generally speaking, the further you are from Amsterdam or New Amsterdam or Santa Cruz for that matter or the younger you are, the less likely you are to appreciate that haze. That being said, I’ve noticed that Ganjiers from around the world have a special attachment to this family of cultivars.

S/o @tsarflower1 for the Ganjier led consumption lounge experience that led me to meeting Daniel and this beautiful flower!

Appearance is typically loose. You can see daylight through these buds.

Aroma is almost aniselike in intensity yet floral and fruity.

The flavor is smooth and still developing more layers.

Experience is top notch. Cerebral, euphoric, destroyer of writer’s block. Lets you down real gentle. Smoke is like sipping from the fountain of youth.

Haze isn’t the only cultivar I tried from Heartrock Mountain Farm and suffice to say, you can feel the heart that is put into these plants when you smoke it. The good vibes come from somewhere.

The high is harnessable focus that is a stark contrast to most commercially available highs today.

If you need a source for heirloom genetics and/or autoflowers: Definitely check out Heartrock!

PS: I can’t smoke haze and not think of this song

Some choice excerpts that aren’t about trappin’:

“Mayn, i’m on the haze”

“I know you love the taste”

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  • Founder of The Highest Critic
  • Unpaid /r/trees mod
  • Certified Ganjier
  • Kine bud enthusiast

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