Preroll Review: Wild Citrus Sativa Blunt by Old Pal

Checked out Old Pal’s wild citrus hemp blunt. Not bad!

Brand: Old Pal

Old Pal Wild Citrus Sativa Blunt Review

The energy was immediate. Hike more than you thought without breaking a sweat type of high. Instead of panting my way up a hill, I floated. Bring it on a hike for the pinnacle sesh at the top. Or smoke it on the way up for a red mushroom boost. No sweats. No pants. Even when wearing sweat pants.**no no sweats or no pants guarantee.

Old pal is very in your face. Kept getting more citrus and flooded the mouth chamber with peel and pulp and stem and pith. It was a pithy that I couldn’t peel myself away from the blunt long enough to enjoy the optics of the hash hole. It last long and never went out. The roll on the wrap was diáganol unlike a traditional hemp blunt wrap. That and the hefty glass tip were very noticeable and added a jolly good touch.

I’m curious, as always, what cultivar was used.

What kind of citrus? Pink pink Grapefruit was the taste. Tropicana juice style then Florida grapefruit cut in half with a spoon style. Nothing too wild. The kind of breakfast a soccer mom might have – and should supplement with an old pal 2g infused blunt shared among many many other soccer mom friends.

Even experienced smokers shouldn’t tackle this one alone. I did it with three people in total. Three people with high tolerances took this out at midnight and it was enough energy for two of three. One party did fall asleep but he had eaten cbn shoulder shrug. Three minimum is my suggestion.

You know what they say: three’s company.


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  • Founder of The Highest Critic
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  • Certified Ganjier
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