Cultivar Review: Martian Fruit by Boring Glory

Martian Fruit (Modified Banana x Pineapple Pez) by @boring_glory_llc 🌱

Lineage/Genetics: Modified Banana x Pineapple Pez

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Boring Glory

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Martian Fruit Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

martian fruit by boring glory strain review by pnw.chronic 3

Martian Fruit has solid bag appeal. It consists of fluorescent, neon green nugs that are elongated and spear-like. Darker green leafage mingles with the lighter base coloration, creating a gorgeous gradient of greens. Rusted-orange pistils freckle the surface in condensed little patches, providing warm color contrast. The curtain of trichomes across each bud creates an iridescent, alabaster sheen that enhances the visual 🤩

MF has a delightful fragrance. The nose on the flower is decidedly fruity with a sweet tsunami of pineapple and succulent, sour citrus. The citrus has an artificial, freshly squeezed orange juice quality topped with an mildly astringent tinge. The fragrance also has whispers of banana with an aerated, effervescent attribute that provides complexity and stimulates the senses on every whiff. Overall, the fragrance is fresh, tropical, and funky, and reminds me of the inside of a Jamba Juice 🍍

The taste on MF is stellar. It has this fruity, sour orange and pineapple flavor that coats the tongue on every hit. The citrus side of the profile has an acrid, lemony chemical tinge, along with smaller splashes of passion fruit and mango. It’s a mouthwatering, borderline raunchy flavor that just gets more sour, chemical, and gassy the further down it burns. The taste leaves a subtle banana and mango aftertaste thats actually reminiscent of Pez candies within the context of the rest of the presentation 🍊

The effect on the MF is impressive. It’s smacks hard with a prominent high, leaving the consumer dazed with feelings of cognitive distortion. It’s a buzzy, pronounced head effect that’s so powerful it’s difficult to actually gauge how significantly it impacts physiological functioning. The flower is soft, not overly sticky, and produces a moderate amount of small grained kief when ground. It burns perfectly and smoothly to the last hit 😶‍🌫️

All in all, Martian Fruit is an extraordinary cultivar. It has solid bag appeal, a totally unique aromatic and flavor profile, and a surprisingly effective high that kicks like a horse. Outstanding work from Boring on this one 🔥

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