Cultivar Review: Power Mintz by Highly Cultivated

Power Mintz (Kush Mintz 11 x Jealousy) by @highly_cultivated ✨

Lineage/Genetics: Kush Mintz 11 x Jealousy

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Highly Cultivated

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Power Mintz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

power mintz by highly cultivated strain review by pnw.chronic

Power Mintz has outstanding bag appeal. The primary coloration is mint and forest green with a striking layer of dark violet, borderline bluish foliage. The pistils have melded with the surface of the buds, emerging as tiny, dark orange spots that freckle the exterior. A crystalline layer of trichomes swathes the surface, composed of shortened basal glands topped with granular heads that are both clear and cloudy 🤩

The nose on Power Mintz is extraordinary. It strikes the senses with an electrifying, sugary tang, followed by a smooth undercurrent of cookie dough and heavy cream. It has murmurs of sour citrus and peppery spice that flit around the perimeter of the profile but the presentation is principally sweet and funky. Breaking nugs open brings out increasingly complex notes of caramelized sugar, toasted dough, kerosene, and burning rubber 🍬

The taste on Power Mintz is just as enthralling as the scent. The inhale has discernible layers of tart candy, velvety cream, and lightly-peppered dough. The exhale, by contrast, is remarkably kushy with titillating notes of diesel gas, cured wood, and spicy zest. As the flower burns down, the sugary, dessert portion of the profile is enveloped by the funkier side, saturating the palette with raunchy flavor and leaving a tactile taste sensation that oscillates across the tongue on each hit ⛽️

The effect on Power Mintz is prominent. Its a stoney, satisfying high that feels somewhat functional. It generates cerebral fuzziness, increased distractibility, and a mild, relaxing body pressure that moves through the muscles and back. The flower is soft, not overly sticky, and produces a negligible amount of small grained kief when ground. It burns perfectly, smoothly, and cleanly to the last hit 😶‍🌫️

All in all, Power Mintz is a phenomenal cultivar. It effectively checks the boxes from gorgeous visual appeal to satisfying effect with a profile that’s somewhere between sweet dessert and full on raunchy funk. I found myself relishing the flavor and smacking my lips as I smoked through joint after joint of it. Superb work from Highly Cultivated 🔥

power mintz by highly cultivated strain review by pnw.chronic 3

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