Cultivar Review: Mendo Crumble by Wood Wide Farms

Mendo Crumble

Lineage/Genetics: (Girl Scout Cookies x Mendocino Purple)

Original Breeder: Humboldt CSI

Grower: Wood Wide Farms

Terpene Profile: Myrcene Dominant (Myrcene 5.534 mg/g, α-Pinene 5.132 mg/g, β-Caryophyllene 3.915 mg/g)

Mendo Crumble Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

This is the cultivar that had a batch test at 4.5% terps and won Wood Wide Farms the Highest Terpene Content Award at the recent Emerald Cup. They were very up front in saying this particular batch of Mendo Crumble was not as high testing as the one that won the award. That led to a round of looking at test results and terpene profiles from their upcoming line and even from a few testers nobody else will ever see.

Mendo crumble hit me with a lil savory feeling. Well rounded full body smoke with an oh so Doughy feel. Long lasting taste after smoking. That is… if you don’t end up eating something right away to change your palate.

I can easily imagine this changing your breath for a while.

Don’t be like me and smoke this in the morning. This isn’t a good wake and bake strain for the morning that you wake up late for work. This is a good wake and bake strain for that Super Stoney Saturday, though. Or damn, right before Sunday brunch. Otherwise, I do recommend this for nighttime use.

Wood Wide’s Mendo Crumble had me break my fast hours earlier than planned.

Suggested pairing – blue cheese sauce and hot wings, garlic fries, beer nuts

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