Cultivar Review: PleaZure by Wood Wide Farms


Lineage/Genetics: Dweebs x ZHit

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Wood Wide Farms

Terpene Profile: Beta Caryophyllene Dominant (β-Caryophyllene 6.853 mg/g, Limonene 4.449 mg/g, Myrcene 3.565 mg/g)

PleaZure Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Pleazure – I have tried not to comment as much on color as I used to but i have to break that for this nug because it looked a little special when I ground it up. The insides almost looked like the outside of a banana slug. That kind of yellow. Another thing if you can see it on the picture but the trikes broke on the bag and were white like snow, and there were still hella trichomes on the flower. Sticky icky, indeed.

PleaZure has strong, strong Alfonso mango terps. I could smell this all day. It smelled bright like early morning out in the woods.

The flower looked sick, smoked thick, and had a high to back it up. This one was even more tropical than the tg2 and the high was a throwback to when strain names reflected on the effects of the weed – not the appearance or smell or just latest fad.

Despite that, all my senses were tantalized by this one. I enjoyed all the cultivars I got to try but PleaZure stood out along with the Dutch Treat – a sure sign of my taste biases.

Suggested pairing: a romantic candlelit dinner with your partner of choice

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