Cultivar Review: Pistachio Gelato by Don Merfo’s Famil

#PistachioGelato – by @greasi__genetics x @greasi_grows x @don.merfos.familys

Lineage – LCG s1 x Sugar Cone 3

Original Breeder: Greasi Genetics

Grower: Greasi Grows x Don Merfo’s Exoticz

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Pistacho Gelato Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Finally, I get to review and try the infamous Pistachio Gelato 🍨, from @greasi__genetics . @greasi__genetics x @greasi_grows been making a name for himself with the Pistachio Gelato, 93 octane & Yunacorn. They can love or hate #greasigenetics, but the man can sure cultivate clean flowers with elite genetics 🧬. The Pistachio Gelato originated from a LCG S1 seed (gelato 33 parent) x Sugar Cone 3 ( Gelato 45 x Cookies N Cream). The nugs show a distinctive corn cob green yellow buds, petite carrot 🥕 color pistils, graded fine trichomes to illuminate this glamorous cultivar.

The smoking experience was superb, clean smoke 💨. The ashes burn similar to the way @greasi__genetics be smoking his on his IG lives, white salt ash. The inhale is smooth 🪵 nutty pistachio, blended with a cream pungent pastry gelato 45 fuel savor. The cotton mouth follows with an after taste of pistachio loacker wafers IFYKYK (Google it). The scent on the flower is pinene, soil, floral musky, not your regular LCG aroma.

I got a pistachio gelato fuel aroma after the grind. The effects are medium level cerebral high, followed by a medium level body high. I felt the effects around 4-7 pulls in. The high can last about 2 hours. Overall the Pistacho Gelato didn’t let me down. I did paya high ticket 🎫,but it was worth it to review it for you all.

Shoutout to The homie @reel_roll_relax blessed me with the Pistachio Gelato. shout out to @greasi__genetics for breeding and growing this unique nut 🌰 gelato 🍧. Shoutout to for the collaboration. Pistachio Gelato 4.7/5
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