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Cultivar Review: Puddles by Fresh Vibez

Puddles @freshvibezflowerco Lineage/Genetics: (Gelato 41 x Gushers) Original Breeder: unknown Grower: Fresh Vibez Terpene Profile: Unknown

Puddles Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Today we take a look at one of vibez most notorious strains: Puddles, Lets dive in. puddles by fresh vibez flower co strain review by cali_bud_Reviews Aroma: 92.75/100 First whiff has a savory buttery dough/cream with garlic-chem hint, The Second sniff reveals a double dose of floral gelato cream notes of grape, berries, lavender, & cranberry but with a strong mentholatum-pine pungency. Surrounding that is a combo of fresh soil earthiness, & swampy forest musk w/ a pinch of mushroom cookie funk & A cheesy skunky funky gas hides under the sharp freezer burnt ice cream fuel terps. Breaking nugs reveals extreme gelato terps, lemon gas, pungent freezer burn, dryer sheet florals, dough, meatiness, pine-menth, skunk neroli & light cream cheesiness Appeal: 96.75/100 Gorgeous deep purple/blue colas w/ thick but evenly distributed neon orange pistils, medium length but thick & fuzzy. Swampy Green undertones hide beneath the purps & the gleaming ‘metallic’ shining trichome layer made of thick clusters w/ well intact large heads.. The nugs are dense, but soft & crisp on the break up, revealing calyxed out inner formations, with a nice medium long trich stretch. Very moist & super sticky but still has that ‘frozen’ crisp proper dry & cure, it’s also wet n greasy at the same time. After-Grind was sticky/fluffy purps w/ a few micro-ovules. Taste:93/100 Translation:95/100 Smoke:95/100 Ash:92.5/100 Drip: 94/100 Burn:93/100 Dry pull is thick, meaty, doughy, skunky cheese, freezer burn ice cream, dryer sheet floral, pine diesel. The taste matched aroma & dry pull w/ an emphasis on the fruity gelato freezer burn cream but savory, meaty, funky. The flavor was really strong, & pure cleanliness the first half w/ white ash, rare pepper, fat terp drip. The Roach slightly increases in pepper & gets lil heavier in smoke but still very clean to the end. Smooth, but w/ intense expando lung pressure. Gassy inhale, savory desert exhale. Effect 96/100 Potency 93/100 Strong 3-4hour effect duration of lightly euphoric cloudy couch lock, heavy Headband, red eyes, chest pressure, sleepy calming relaxation & hunger. Overall: 95/100 Amazing strain, top notch genetic and quality, amazing appeal, great terps, clean tasty smoke with gnarly lung pressure, white ash, drip, and super long lasting effects that are strong and relieving. This is in my top 7 of all time, definitely my favorite gelato strain. The terps are not quite what I was expecting profile wise as I’m fairly new to this genetic but they still blew me away with complexity, it had medium loudness but after you break into a nug the smell erupts, the burn was fabulous the first half, almost perfect, the second half the burn simmered down a few points in each category but that still brought those to mid 90z across the board for those smoke related categories. The resinous trich coverage & silver streaking on the deep purples make up for one of the more striking strains there is to look at. No complaints at all other than the AG’s couple mini pods, stellar quality. Photos 1-3 are IP11 & 4-6 are IP14, I have some better photos, but I wanted to do comparisons of the 2 devices again here. Macros will be posted tomorrow! puddles macro by fresh vibez flower co strain review by cali_bud_Reviews
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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