Cultivar Review: Zoap by Resin Ranchers


Lineage/Genetics: (Rainbow Sherbet x Pink Guava)

Grown by: Resin Ranchers @resin_ranchers.pdx

Bred by: Deep East @deofarms ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Resin Ranchers Zoap Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

zoap by resin ranchers strain review by pnw_chronic 2The Zoap has gorgeous bag appeal. The buds are dense with all the pistils, leafage, and trichomes condescend into medium-sized, rounded nuggets. The nugs themselves are a brilliant amalgamation of neon and emerald green buds, black and pinkish purple leafage, and honey-orange pistil fibers. Each bud is draped in a webbing trichomes that collect in hefty stacks, giving the buds a luminescent, encrusted appearance 😍

The nose on the Zoap is phenomenal. It’s best characterized as a cloyingly sweet, sugary candied aroma in tandem with tropical fruit, berries, and citrus. It also has a burnt sugar, caramelized gassiness quality to it. The flower has an extraordinarily robust zest that manages to be loud without assaulting the senses. On the contrary, it has a clean, almost bubbly and effervescent element that merges with the rest of the profile to create an aromatic presentation that titillates the senses 🍬

The taste on the Zoap is just as magnificent as the smell. It’s a sugared, sweet candy and tropical fruit medley flavor with discernible layers of guava, citrus, and cherries. It also has a creamy, doughy, caramelized gassiness that becomes stronger the further down the joint burns. Overall, its so sweet, zesty, and tangy that I could feel a palpable tactile sweetness dance across my tongue and coat the inside of my mouth after every hit. By the end of the joint, my mouth was so overwhelmed with fizzy, frothy sweetness that it felt like it was washed out with a sugar scrub 🧼

The effect on the Zoap is prominent. It has a notable effect that induces cerebral bliss and a feeling of elation. It eases tension in the neck and shoulders and creates tangible body weightiness that feels great. The flower is somewhat sticky when being broken up and creates a heavy amount of small grained kief when ground. Its an incredibly smooth smoke 😶‍🌫️

All in all, the Zoap is an exceptional cultivar. If Bath and Body Works made a hand soap out of Fun Dip and Smarties that you could smoke, it would be the Zoap. Resin Ranchers and DEO Farms did an absurdly incredible job on this one 🔥



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