Dab Review: Peanut Brittle Hash Rosin by Funk Extracts

Peanut Brittle

Lineage/Genetics: (Peanut Butter Breath x Platinum GSC)

Original Breeder: Unknown

Processed by: Funk Extracts @funkextracts

Grown by: Three Flavors Farms @threeflavorsfarms ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Peanut Brittle Hash Rosin Review

peanut brittle hash rosin by funk extracts dab review by pnw_chronicPeanut Brittle is an attractive, golden-beige hash rosin. Its a cold-cure batter with a cohesive and sticky viscosity, a butter-like consistency, and a texture that’s mostly smooth with some granulation. The concentrate appears saturated from an eye-catching overlay of shimmering terpenes. Despite some light stickiness, the concentrate is effortless to work with and dab🍯

PB has a decidedly robust nose on it. It’s a complex, funky, and exceptionally aromatic profile that has so many different levels to it. My best take is that it’s a savory, meaty and earthy funk, with considerable seasoned nuttiness and notes of burning, rubbery diesel and cumin. The pungent, musty breath terps are there, but it also has a sweetness and light creaminess that interlaces the profile and confounds the senses. As odd as this sounds, the profile makes me think of sizzling fajitas with peppers and onions dipped in creamy peanut sauce 🥜

The flavor on PB is superb. The presentation is funky, meaty, and mouthwateringly savory with a substantial seasoned nuttiness that encapsulates everything. Both pb breath and platinum GSC terpenes can be identified in the the taste, but the overall flavoring is still a wholly unique combination that is piquant, delicious and difficult to differentiate. Whatever your take on the profile, it’s irresistible 🤤

The effect on PB is commanding. It’s a powerful, stoney high, that made my head feel displaced and my body feel relaxed immediately after the first dab. It’s a potent, long lasting high that is somewhat functional. The concentrate burns average for a cold cure hash rosin in terms of cleanliness and melt. It provides an exceedingly smooth and satisfying dabbing experience 😶‍🌫️

All in all, the PB is phenomenal. It smashes all of the criteria, but beyond that, it’s an incredibly funky and unique profile that tastes delectable and had me craving it every time I went to dab. I would highly recommend checking out this, or other drops by Funk, their rosin line is full of outstanding collaborations with exceptional farms 🔥



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