Dab Review: Bananas Sauce by Kali Ma

This Kali Ma Bananas (mix) sauce had a sort of generic cannabis smell to it. Kinda sweet and planty. The sauce had a dark terp layer on top which I mixed in before dabbing.

Grower/Processor: Kali Ma

Bananas Sauce Review

The flavor was pretty generic. Kinda sweet with a bit of off plant taste to it. Surprisingly not harsh but it did leave some scratchiness in my throat and nose.

The high was kinda stoney kinda relaxing. Not particularly strong or special but not bad.

Overall I would say this “Bananas” wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good either. I was totally ready to give a bad review to a cheap product, but honestly for the price it’s kinda hard to knock it. I wouldn’t purchase this product personally, but if you are someone who finds themselves shopping in this price point I’d say give it a shot 🤷‍♀️

Made 8/16/21

Tested 8/27/21 SC Labs

This review was done for Kali Ma

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