Dab Review: Frozen Pineapple Margarita Hash by Shenron Hash

Frozen Pineapple margarita – @professorsift @shenronhash

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Breeder: Unknown

Processor: Shenron Hash aka Professorsift

Frozen Pineapple Margarita Hash Review

THE power level on this hash is over 9000! I had always seen this Shenron hash around and wanted a chance to try it. I was able to score a jar for myself and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s the perfect after work treat or Sunday morning brunch hash that really gets me floating like I’m on nimbus ☁️
👅 the flavor on this is just like a dole whip on that first inhale and reminds of that taste you get from a margarita on 😮‍💨
👃 as soon as I was able to open this beautiful jar I was first overwhelmed by the pineapple smell reminds of the dole whip from Disney and with underlying lime scent to get that margarita scent in the flavor.
🧠 after a couple dabs of this I was more elevated than usual. This stuff put me in ultra instinct the minute I exhaled 😮‍💨 the sweet pineapple 🍍 goodness. I had been from like 5 dabs of my usual hash rosin. This stuff packed a punch harder than Gokus Kamehameha . I’m ready to collect all 7 dragon balls to wish for more hash from Shenron. @ltt.co #hash #liverosin #shenronhash #professorsift #pineapple #miami #florida #cannabis #cannabisphotography #cannabisreview



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