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Dab Review: Live Hash Rosin by Treasure Valley’s Finest

Umami (12 week GMO) & Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Golden Strawberry x Banana Punch) by @treasurevalleysfinest grown by @bonafide_cannabis ✨ Processor: Treasure Valley’s Finest Grower: Bonafide Cannabis

Treasure Valley’s Finest Live Hash Rosin Review

strawberry banana smoothie live hash rosin by treasure valley's finest dab review by pnw_chronic 2strawberry banana smoothie live hash rosin by treasure valley's finest dab review by pnw_chronic 2Today we have a double feature of Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Umami live hash rosin. The SBS is a captivating pale-gold jam that ranges from solid and opaque to viscous and translucent in terms of consistency/appearance. The Umami is a beautiful saffron-tinted jam that appears quite saucy but is actually relatively solid and jam-like in consistency. Both of these gorgeous rosin jams are malleable and easy to work with 😍 I would describe the nose on both concentrates as loud and fragrant. The SBS is remarkable for an effervescent artificial strawberry and fresh banana aroma. It’s refreshingly sweet and fruity. The Umami, on the other hand, has an insanely strong foul onion GMO scent. It’s skunky, pungent, and heinous in the best way. Both scent profiles are full-bodied, with all of the intricacies that strawberry and gmo strains should have in terms of a robust aroma 😋 The taste on the concentrates translates flawlessly. The SBS has a sweet strawberry flavored inhale and a fresh banana and mixed fruit juice exhale. It’s kind of startling how accurate the name is for the flavor profile – it actually reminds me of homemade strawberry banana smoothies. The Umami, in contrast, is remarkable for an oniony, savory funk that is mouthwateringly delicious. Both rosins have sophisticated and delectable profiles 👅 The high on the concentrates is substantial. The SBS produces a relaxing head high with light forehead pressure and a tangible ease of tension in the shoulders. It’s a bit of a creeper, slowly inducing couch-lock. The Umami has a calming and sedative effect that creates a feeling of weightiness in the body with minor cognitive impairment. Both concentrates burn above average in terms of cleanliness and are smooth to dab 😶‍🌫️ All in all, I really enjoyed both of these rosins. Some people seem to not like jams as much as a consistency, but I think these ones check the boxes for smell, flavor, and high in a major way. This is my first real offering from Treasure Valley or Bonafide and I’m thoroughly impressed 🔥
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