Dab Review: Runtz x Horchata (RxH) Live Budder by Echo Electuary

Runtz x Horchata live budder

Processed by: Echo Electuary @echo_electuary

Grown by: Eastwood Gardens @eastwood_portland

Bred by: WyEast Farms @wyeastfarms ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Echo Electuary Runtz x Horchata Live Budder Review

runtz x horchata live budder by echo electuary dab review by pnw_chronic 2The Runtz x Horchata is a breathtakingly beautiful buttermilk-yellow live budder. Its a firm concentrate with solid viscosity, full pliability, and minimal stickiness, reminiscent of actual butter. Picking up and dabbing a desired amount is effortless as a result. It has a saucy, wetness to the composition that’s reflected in the gleaming surface. This concentrate has highly compelling visual appeal 🍯

RxH has an exceedingly fragrant and enchanting nose. The primary profile is equivalent to sugary sweet candy soaked with kerosene. The gassiness is so pungent and tart, but it seems to bolster the sweet side of the profile, creating a tart sugary aroma that reminds me of the bottom of a bag of sour patch kids. The profile also has layers of fruity citrus zest and creaminess, as well as a muted earthy note, that enhances and advances the overall candied profile. It’s entirely provocative and tantalizing 🍬

The flavor on RxH is magnificent like with the nose. The primary profile is a cloyingly sweet candied flavor with notes of light fruitiness and dulcet, airy, cream. The flavor has a hefty air of petrol gassiness to it that encapsulates the profile and paints the palette in every hit. The concentrate provides a sweet, lip smacking, mouth straining flavor and aftertaste that is impossible not to like 🤤

The effect on the RxH is quite satisfying. It generates an immediate forehead pressure and eye-drooping cognitive high, combined with light body feels that work their way all over. It’s a smooth effect that is comfortable and feels great in both the head and body. The concentrate burns clean and remarkably smoothly for a solvent-extracted concentrate 😶‍🌫️

All in all, the Runtz x Horchata concentrate is superlative. It easily checks the boxes in terms of visual and effect, and it has an aromatic and flavor profile that is unparalleled. This is one of the tastiest, cleanest, and most consistent non-hash concentrates on the market and that is a huge credit to Echo for their processing and Eastwood for their input Phenomenal work all around from genetics to concentrate 🔥



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