Dab Review: Sour Tangie Cured Rosin by Heritage Hash Co.


Lineage/Genetics: East Coast Sour Diesel x Tangie

Original Breeder: Reserva Privada

Grower/Processor: Heritage Hash Co.

Heritage Hash Co. Sour Tangie Cured Rosin Review

sour tangie cured rosin by heritage hash co dab review by extract_reviewer 2Straight up orange terps on this one. The aroma was of orange peels and the taste was super rich and flavorful. It tasted like I had been working the land all morning, didn’t wash my hands, and started peeling and eating an orange 😂. Did I mention this isn’t “live” but “cured” rosin? I love the @heritagehash_co team for always putting in work with the cured rosin too. Most other cured rosins I’ve tried usually just taste like hash, but these guys have a passion for terps! Don’t be discouraged by the low price points, seriously you will not regret it! Why? Because those terps stay in your mouth for a good while! You end up with heavy eyes and an energetic kick that comes immediately! The day brightens up so much too! So much more saturation to the colors you see. Nice little mental rush that comes along with it. This was perfect for my Sunday outing on a beautiful sunny day

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