Strain Review: Clementine by Pistil Point

What is the strongest sativa you’ve ever had? This absurdly potent strain, Clementine, grown by the legends at @pistilpoint is undoubtedly in my top 3.

Lineage/Genetics: Tangie x Lemon Skunk

Original Breeder: Crockett Family Farms

Grower: Pistil Point

Dispensary: Elev8 Cannabis

Clementine Strain Review

I picked up this award winner at one of my favorite dispensaries in town, @elev8cannabis – As soon as I cracked open the lid, I was blasted with a sharp and sweet citrus scent that utterly pierced my nostrils- Ah, the sign of a perfect cure! An effortless rotation of the grinder pulverized these vibrant dark and green buds into a kief-like powder. As soon as I exhaled my first vapor cloud, I felt a jubilant rush of sheer bliss accompanied by a massive reduction in headache tension- I’ve never felt the effects of flower kick in so fast! Although I felt a slight body tingle, the happy and energizing effects were predominately in the head, which really gave it that ‘floating like a cloud’ feeling! This top shelf sativa was originally crossed between Tangie and Lemon Skunk.

Ask your local budtender when Clementine by Pistil Point will be available at your local Oregon dispensary – You definitely don’t wanna miss this one!

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