Strain Review: Cheese Quake from Elev8 Cannabis

What’s the craziest looking bud you’ve ever seen? This top-shelf hybrid I picked up at @elev8cannabis is called Cheese Quake and it’s definitely one of the most exotic flowers I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking!

Lineage/Genetics: Cheese x Querkle

Original Breeder: Subcool’s The Dank Seeds

Grower: Cannabis Couture

Dispensary: Elev8 Cannabis

Cheese Quake Strain Review

Dazzling with it’s bright purple and green calyxes, Cheese Quake is a balanced 60/40 hybrid descending from the classic 1980’s Cheese and crossed with the couch-locking Querkle. Although it’s got a piercing sharp sour cheese smell, when vaporized it actually tastes more like grapes mixed with carbonated lime soda!

However, her smoke is delightfully silky smooth and retains a deeper cheese and light grape taste. Even though it looks like some ultra potent space weed, I actually found it delivered a very balanced and pleasant experience. Perfectly encapsulating the best of both worlds, I think Cheese Quake is a shining example of what a balanced hybrid should actually feel like.

Huge thanks to the cool neighborhood dispensary in town, @elev8cannabis as well as the Master Growers at @ShopCannabisCouture for growing their beautiful and unique flower!

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