Strain Review: Grape Inferno by Globe Cannabis

Grape Inferno (Nepali OG x Querkle) from @masterkush.og @hazeforce1

Lineage/Genetics: Nepali OG x Querkle

Original Breeder: Subcool’s The Dank

Grower: Globe Cannabis

Grape Inferno Strain Review

I finally got a chance to grab some of this fine flower before it flew off the shelves like usual😂 This was one of the brands I was itching to try since the reviews on their flower are always positive, so I had to try it out for myself.

First off i’d have to say this is probably my favorite jar out of all the prepackaged ones i’ve bought because it’s a legit jar with a mason lid, you can’t beat that in my opinion😂 The smell on this is a sweet grape with hints of vanilla🍇🍦 It wasn’t smack you in the face sweet though so a tad bit on the milder side. Kind of reminded me of that moose & lobsta from tierragrow. However once you break it down those berry terps straight grab ahold of your nostrils👃🏽

Stupid frosty dark green nugs that look like theres been an infestation of orange hairs. The buds aren’t very big but are quite dense like a midget stripper. Hella long hang time, that shit did not want to leave my finger🤣 Got that OG stick🤏🏽

The taste was a little musk/earthiness in the inhale and then a little grape mixed with a dash of funk on the exhale. Pretty tasty strain but i’d have to say I would have liked the flavor to be just a little more bold.

The effects had my body and mind very relaxed. Had me staring off into space and feeling like those old airhead commercials😂 Great strain for relaxation and will definitely put you in that happy mindset! I enjoyed starting my day with this one, put me in a great mood, cleared my head and had me motivated for the day😎

So far impressed with @masterkush.og @hazeforce1 and be on the lookout for their fire flower👀🔥

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