Strain Review: Wedding Cake by LOUD LAB

Wedding Cake (Cherry Pie x GSC) from @loudlab_az

Lineage/Genetics: Triangle Kush x Animal Mints

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Grower: LOUD LAB

LOUD LAB Wedding Cake Strain Review

I was researching this strain and actually did not know it is believed to be a Triangle Mints cross so I honesty do not know the exact crosses of this certain batch. Besides that let’s get into this cake.

First off I have to say I haven’t done a negative review on my page yet and it sucks that I have to but the people gotta know.
So I stopped by @nirvanacenterofaz Tempe to check out this new @loudlab_az. I still had a FTP so went with the wedding cake since it was the recommendation and it was on the top tier.

Now obviously I would have never gone with this strain if I was able to smell it because there was pretty much 0 terps coming off this bud. I mean all I could smell was straight earthiness. Absolutely no resemblance of wedding cake whatsoever. I’ll keep it 💯 tho and say when I did grind it up a slight bit of gas flavor was present but not strong at all.

Where this flower really failed was the bag appeal. Trust me I’m well aware that looks don’t mean shit but in my opinion it’s not acceptable to label flower like this “top shelf”. There’s big stems still on some of the buds as well as big ass leaves. Ima be honest tho and say there’s still some trichome production on these buds so it’s not a total fail. Also I have no idea how I managed to get any hang time out of it but it happened😂
Finally the best part of this flower was the high.

But even that I still was not satisfied with. Yes it is stoney and will get you high but I received no medical effects from this flower whatsoever. I got a nice head high for about 30 minutes and that was it. My back was still in pain and I was just kinda slumpy after. In my opinion not top shelf quality at all and should be no higher than mid tier. Yes I’m aware this is not considered @loudlab_az “premium eighths” but just because a company has a premium tier eighth does not mean their lower tier flower should still be considered “top shelf”.

It’s getting ridiculous and quite irritating how nowadays dispensary’s are just slapping any strain on their top shelf and calling it “Premium Tier”. Cannabis in AZ is starting to feel less like medicine..we need 2018 quality back..

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