Cultivar Review: Catahoula by FishCreek NY

Catahoula cultivar #catahoula by @weedison315

Lineage/Genetics: Triangle Kush x ChemDog Bx3

Bred by: Lucky Dog Seed Co x Skunk VA @luckydogseedco x @skunkva

Grown by: FishCreek NY

Terpene PRofile: Unknown

Letmeseewhatusmokin Catahoula Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

I had the honor of meeting @weedison315 at the Budsgiving 22 hosted by @thenewagecannaclub . Weedison created the brand FishCreek NY to make a statement with combo genetics flowers such as this one . Catahoula is the name of a breed of a protective Louisiana based Dog. @luckydogseedco & @skunkva bred a strong diesel Chem- D x Triangle Kush to create the Catahoula. The nose is a dominant Chem Fuel combine with TK earthiness. The spice of the caryophyllene of the Chem plus the myrcene pungent skunk of the Triangle Kush. The structure resembles both parents. I see more of TK’s grass color buds and chem’s lava color pistils. The effects are medium level cerebral and body high. I felt an intense heady high for about 50’min to an hour. It then converted to a body high blends with cerebral and eyes low syndrome. The high can last to a total of 2 hours. The smoking experience leads with a bitter smooth inhale and 😮‍💨. The ashes burned 60/40 more salt than pepper. Overall this NY cultivated Catahoula came with a loud bark. The appeal is not the most appealing but the scent, taste and effects compliments the experience. Shoutout to @weedison315 for giving me the opportunity to try these flowers. Tune in to Budsgiving 2022 recap and listen to @weedison315 story on @reefaradio_ @youtube channel.. Catahoula – 4/5
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Robbreefa Catahoula Review

Catahoula (triangle kush x chem91 x bx3) by @weedison315 (fish creek cannabis)

Reefa rating :
Smell- ✅

Bigshout to @weedison315 for valuing my opinion and having me try this.

Smell- earthy, robust pine, w/ a mild sour funk

Look- large dark greenish grey nugs, scattered with shiny sticky trichs

Smoke- Super enjoyable with a smooth inhale & exhale

Taste- Inhale brought an interesting pine comb fuel with the exhale bringing a mouth coating taste of a woodiness.

High- Intense full body high! This one will have you feeling super solid, ten toes down lol.

Memorable- this was a much needed change of pace from what I’ve been having lately but considering this category on the flower is itself and not what I’ve been running into, it still stands out. The savory bitter pine fuel on top of providing full lasting effects makes this tough to forget!

@weedison315 told me growing up in Florida he knew triangle kush as top shelf. It’s his hometown hero! So being that it’s one of his favs, he is showing the New York market what’s up with the kush. And we’re talking Chemy kush , fruity kush and kushy kush! All packing flavor & a punch! All I have to say is bring it & New York lookout!

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