Strain Review: RS11 by Resin Ranchers

RS11 (Pink Guava x OZK) By @boutiqueboyz_forever

Lineage/Genetics: Pink Guava x OZK

Grown By: Resin Ranchers @resin_ranchers.pdx

Bred By: Deep East @deofarms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Resin Ranchers RS11 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Had a post on some RS11 by @planta_ca , but had to do this one too to show how different areas are growing this Cut. Can’t lie, this cut is definitely one of my favorites. From the Terps to the Medicinal Effects it’s checking the boxes for me. Glad to see this Cut more available to growers, it’s nice to see other people’s representation of strains. Love the bag appeal on this cut: nice nug structure, light green hues with orange hairs in the mix, as well as some trichomes and purple hues aswell. Right of the rip you get that classic RS11 nose, almost soapy like with some sweetness and gas in there. That sweetness really comes through on the Breakdown. Smooth smoke with both of those same terp profiles , that sweetness also comes through on the Exhale. Smooth smoke that will get you right. RS11 in my opinion has more gassiness to it than it’s Zoap counterpart. It’s easy to see why this is one of the most beloved strains in the game at this point. What I love the most about this strain is the effects. If you have trouble relaxing or suffer from Anxiety, this ones for you. After a few pulls in you start to get a sense of happiness and a feeling of being content. While some strains may make you overthink, this one does the opposite. Much needed for someone like me. If you haven’t tried this strain yet I definitely recommend it. You won’t be disappointed.

Shout out @boutiqueboyz_forever and great work by @resin_ranchers.pdx

Personal/Medical Use Only. Visual/Informational Use Only. Nothing For Sale.

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Check out more reviews by @digital.smoke on Instagram! (

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