Strain Review: Animal Tree by Mandala Grown

Animal Tree (Lemon Tree x Animal Mints Bx1) By @mandala_grown

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Lemon Tree x Animal Mints bx1

Bred by: Seed Junky Genetics @beezyblends

Grown by: Mandala Grown

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Mandala Grown Animal Tree Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

animal tree by mandala grown strain review by digital.smoke 2Want to start off by saying it really is a blessing being able to try some stuff like this given the access-ability where I’m at. I don’t like to label things “small batch” but this is 100 percent grown in smaller batches, only comes around every once in a blue. You really gotta know a guy if you wanna grab this stuff, shout out the bro for holding me down on these hard to get smokes. Man this dude @mandala_grown really does his thing. Each batch is getting more and more dialed in. This Animal Mints is no exception. Beautiful frosted out light green buds with orange hairs and darker green hues in the mix. Initial nose gives off a type of lemony type with some gas in the mix. On the break down that gassy terp really comes through heavy. Some sticky fresh buds too, nice breakdown. The nose defintely translated to the taste, can’t lie im not a huge fan of lemon or citrus type terps but im fucking with this one heavyy. Smooth smoke with a kick. The high for me started with a heavy cerebral high that had my body in a state of relaxtion. From presentation to the flower, you can’t go wrong with this Animal Tree By @mandala_grown . Always a treat when this stuff is around. Just because growers/brands don’t fit into to the typical marketing/product categories doesn’t mean they don’t have the heat. The flower does all the talking here plain and simple.

Personal/Medical Use Only, Informational/Visual Purposes Only. Nothing For Sale

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Check out more reviews by @digital.smoke on Instagram! (

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