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Strain Review: GelonAde by SUMER

🍹 GelonAde 🍋 – @sumerselect Lineage/Genetics: [Gelato #41 X Lemon Tree] Original Breeder: Connected Cannabis Co. Grower: SUMER Terpene Profile: Unknown

SUMER Gelonade Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

gelonade by sumer strain review by henryyougotan8th Absolutely sensational flower! Again, gelonade has its own grey cloud as a hit or miss… alot of people would avoid including myself back a few years, but as time has moved on, the gelonade strains I have come across have been good but this 1 here… 🔥🔥 Sweet, piney taste with a heavy heavy high. Straight to head then instantly to the body. I slept well last night for sure!! Great work by @sumerselect 9.5/10 gelonade by sumer strain review by henryyougotan8th 2 #henryyougotan8th #caliweed #sumerselect #gelonade #topshelf #710
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