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Strain Review: LemNade by HollyhoodBoyzz

🍋 LemNade🧃 – @hollyhoodboyzz

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Hollyhoodboyzz

Terpene Profile: Unknown

LemNade Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review by Henryyougotan8th

lemnade by hollyhoodboyzz strain review by henryyougotan8th

Proper tangy Lemon terps with that sour after kick. Reminds me of a mix of lemon poppers with ten co sour shizu. 🔥 bit of work this my opinion.

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LemNade Strain Review by Cannoisseurselections



(Thin Mint Cookies x Sunset Sherbet) X (Lemon Skunk x Sour Diesel)

SMELL: 8.8/10

FLAVOUR: 8.7/10



STRENGTH: 8.9/10


Being the first Hollyhoodboyzz flower I’ve come across for a while, I was left feeling open minded on trying their newest lineup. Starting with Lemnade, Hboyzz rendition on Gelonade. With the name and packaging being a play on a lemon referenced hand grenade. Upon opening I instantly received a rush of mild but still refreshing zesty lemon notes infused with minty and pine undertones, smelling reminiscent of lemonade and traits of the detergent Jiff. This refreshing scent was accompanied by a subdued Gelato backend, with the smell ultimately smelling like a subtle Gelonade.

The buds were of a medium to hard density, having a typical Gelonade structure, being a shade of medium to light green, with purple ridges, behind a thick layer of trichomes, alongside rustic pistils. Upon inhaling, my palate was instantly overcome by notes translating from the smell. Displaying refreshing notes of carbonated zesty lemon, infused with pine overtones, tasting reminiscent of a fresh Lemonade. This thirst quenching infusion was complemented by light musty traits, and a gentle Gelato gas, with a subdued sugary sweet centre. Through combustion, this pleasant balance of flavours start to overheat and dissipate ever so slightly, however still leaving the refreshing taste described retained on my tastebuds upon exhaling.

The joint produced ash being a shade of very light silver, alongside an instantaneous oozing and leaking resinous oil ring, smoking both smooth and tasting clean. To conclude, overall I actually found Lemnade to be a decent rendition of Gelonade. It ticked most boxes, and with a little further dialling can be perfected even more.

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