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Strain Review: Banana God Z3 by Los Angeles Oraganics

Review # 25: Banana God Z3 from Los Angeles Organics Lineage/Genetics: Banana God x Z3 Original Breeder: Masonic Smoker x Surefire Selections Grower: Los Angeles Organics Terpene Profile: Unknown

Banana God Z3 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

banana god z3 by los angeles organics strain review jaz_reviews_ca 2 PREFACE/BACKGROUND: Los Angeles Organics is a brand I was first introduced to during a sesh with the homies @ogismyoxygen and @packstothefuture . The brainchild of two people who’ve spent a lot of their time learning, interviewing, and documenting media on some of the most talented growers, washers and wooks in the world, I was pretty excited to see what they were up to. Banana God Times Z3 ( Banana OG X Wilson X Z3) is a cultivar from the masonic smoker camp and surefire selections in this case cultivated under LEDS with organic inputs. VISUALS: Chartreuse hued bulbous buds with patches of hunter green imbued on the rocky appearance of the surface area of the Colas are offset by a thick spattering of clotted groups of dark orange pistils and a healthy coating of small tight trich heads that greet the eye when the jar is opened. banana god z3 by los angeles organics strain review jaz_reviews_ca SMELL: My favorite terp profile ever is anything peanut butter, that coat your mouth heavy, sort of smoke. Unfortunately those sort of strains aren’t ideal for commercial production with their need to be taken full term for full flavor. I was pleasantly surprised to crack open this jar and smell something akin to a a saltly bananas foster , a slightly burned caramel like banana nose. That ultimately transitioned to the nose of a slightly melted payday candy bar. Think sugary, yet nutty and rich. TASTE & EFFECTS: When ground up the bud smelled more sweet and when lit was a heavy thick coat your mouth sort of smoke that tasted like a skrewball. The high was first noticed cerebrally as a smooth yet steady willed high that hits the back of the head and torso. This one had me feeling a bit heavy handed and headed whenever smoked in a delightful way.
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