Cultivar Review: 4 Kings by Revolution Cannabis

Today we bring on some Cannabis royalty with Revolution’s(There IG is down at the moment)4 Kings. Their hierarchy is at the top of the Illinois Cannabis community so when I saw one from them that has been around for awhile that I hadn’t had a chance to review I decided to jump on it. Who doesn’t like a good OG especially when Revolution combines it with the breeding of @exoticgenetix_not_a_fake. Mike took his Triple OG(Constantine*Triangle Kush*Master Yoda) and crossed it with SoCal’s version of OG known as LA OG Kush(Chemdawg*Lemon Thai*Hindu Kush) to create a 80/20 Indica dominant banger.

Lineage/Genetics: LA OG Kush x Triple OG

Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Grower: Revolution Cannabis

Terpene Profile: Unknown

4 Kings Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

A nice five nug eighth of wintergreen to sage green with burnt orange pistils and sandy gold trichomes. Unfortunately this jar was over 8 months old so they were dusty to say the least. Some machine trimmed holes were apparent as well. 20/25

Very little nose out the jar with musty basement and some pine forest faintly noticeable. Breaking up will bring up walking thru the pine forest with a lingering skunk in the distance. Slight citrus rind on the backend but that stale vegetal smell of old weed is dominant thruout.16/25

Expect a grassy lemon kush that still retains quite a bit of good flavor for being so old. A peppery kick on the backend gives a smack to the lungs and pushes thru with some woodsy campfire notes. The joint dry pull has a earthy musty pine OG with clean white ash with even a little resin ring despite its age. 20/25

Great headband high that wraps around your head with good vibes. Although for a Indica I thought it did lack body buzz. Not sure if it was from cultivation or from the old shelf life but it did lack length of high too. Overall a classic OG experience but one that can leave you wanting more and lacking the necessary needs I look for in my bud. 19/25

75 points- Weed Advocate

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