Strain Review: Tropicana Cookies BX1 by Mahomie Grewit

Tropicana Cookies BX1 From @mahomiegrows via @philly___rolls

Lineage/Genetics: Forum Cut Cookies x Tangie

Original Breeder: Oni Seed Co.

Grower: Mahomie Grewit

Tropicana Cookies Bx1 Review

Really blessed to be sharing this with y’all. I had to stay up with the trends and get some micro batch flowers, so the homie came thru with some Tropicana Cookies from Mahomie Grewit. Very limited quantities of this stuff was around and luckily I scored a bag. Immediately it smelled earthy and super fresh, almost like cut grass. I kept navigating my nose through the bag, broke open one of the nugs, and the fresh grass scent turned into a brighter gasoline. I as well picked up a small bit of manure. I noticed a trop cookie dough like scent with a bit of cinnamon sweetness, and small bit of berry tea like scent. Mahomie stated he wished the buds had been able to cure a bit longer and I agree. I think if that was the case the scent would be more profound and not as fresh/earthy as it was.

I gladly tossed the trop cookies into a joint and immediately noticed a decently sweet taste. I got a bit of of that freshness but as the joint continued to burn the flavor became more bold. Being that this cross has forum cut cookies in it, I do notice that there is is more of a gassy element to the flavor. Mid way through the joint that flavor really really started to reveal itself, which along with the fresh taste, made it floral like. I also got a bit of dough/sugar cookie sweetness on the very back end as I exhaled. Although these flavors are not the staple exotic Gelato type taste, they are still done well. If the cure would have been a bit longer, the taste would have been loads better as well.

Looking at these beautiful flowers, I am so puzzled on how it is only Mahomies first grow. He absolutely killed it and the buds could not have turned out any better. Aside from the slight lack of flavor/taste that could have been achieved with an absolutely perfect cure time, and a slight dampness on the break down. These buds were nearly trimmed aside from a few stems/fan leaves left behind. The nugs were absolutely layered in trichomes and are show stoppers. The effects of the Trop Cookies took their time to settle in, but I felt extremely at ease and calm, with a nice burst of motivation. I rolled a few joints back to back and found there to be a bit of a creep on me. I started to feel slow and laggy. I did not knock out or feel inebriated, but incredibly soothed and relaxed. Mahomie did an incredibly fantastic job growing the Trop cookies. It is apparently his first grow as well so my hat is off to him without a doubt. I am praying I get a chance to try more from him , as well as see everyone else getting to try his flowers in the future.

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