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Strain Review: Tropic Truffle by Broccoli Barrel

Tropic Truffle 🥦 Review . Lineage/Genetics: Tropicana Cookies x Mint Chocolate Chip Original Breeder: Oni Seed Co. Grower: Broccoli Barrel

Tropic Truffle Review

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Flower . @broccoli_barrel_408 about an hour for the delivery . Strong tropical citrus aroma weighted with sweet & sour, pine and prominent earth tones. . Tastey tropical , pine and citrus flavor with deep chocolatey woodsy, earth tones upon exhaling. . Vivid and colorful, lime and mint green hued, violet hinted, long , chunky nugs with thick clusters of lengthy, hairy orange stigmas and a nice coat of trichomes. It all comes together to give the flower a candied grape type of look and feel. . A nice calming high that provides just enough energy to keep you focused and happy. Overtime youll start to feel uplifted as you’re social and creative levels rise making it easy dive into or just converse with folks about anything especially the arts. No crazy crash or heavy couchlock feeling, one of the strains artists should take in the studio with them. 😂 . Great for stress, anxiety, add/adhd, fatigue, creativity.
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