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Strain Review: Hawaiian Punch by Broccoli Barrel

Hawaiian Punch 🥦🌺Review . @broccoli_barrel_408 Lineage/Genetics: Hawaiian Sativa Original Breeder: Sagarmatha Seeds Grower: Broccoli Barrel

Hawaiian Punch Strain Review

. 🌺Hawaiian Punch is a mysterious strain native to Hawaii, with supposedly no record of its true genetic lineage. The THC levels are known to reach around 21 %, while CBD levels haven’t been well recorded but is said to have low percentages. . 🥦Potent , gradual high that sneaks up like a tidal wave that crashes into you, relieving your mind, body and soul of any fatigue and negativity , essentially a punch full of Hawaiian vibes. The effects punch you with a fist full of aloha making you to tap in to some intense euphoria puting you in ‘nani’ type of mood as a sense of clarity washes over you like the cool pacific breeze. . 🌺EFFECTS🌺 stress and pain relief, reduces anxiety , mood enhancing, mind and body tracing, helps with fatigue , focus . Colorful, dark forest green nugs with hues of purple and bold burnt orange pistils that really give a deep lush look to the flower. The aroma is super pungent with heavy tropical fruit/ pineapple vibes reminiscent of Hawaiian Punch the drink. The tropical scent is carreied by a deep, unique earthy spice and skunk tone. Similar to the aroma the flavor is very fruity and tropical with a nice balancing earthy backend. A smooth heavy smoke great for anytime you want some Aloha vibes🌺🥦🤙🏿
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