Strain Review: Mental Floss by Broccoli Barrel

Mental Floss 🥦🧠Review

Lineage/Genetics: Blueberry x Cotton Candy

Original Breeder: Chimera Seeds

Grower: Broccoli Barrel

Mental Floss Strain Review

Hybrid Cannabis
THC levels said to reach 22%
🧠A mentally charged high that has creative, euphoric, pain relief and appetite inducing effects. Great for active recreational use due to its cerebral, uplifting high and to help get a good sleep due to its gradual, body relaxing effects. Be aware if you deal with paranoia and anxiety the intense mental stimulation can cause slight anxiety.
🥦A strong minty, floral & berry aroma.
Taste has fruity, earthy, and sour pine mixes.
🔥Green grape shaped nugs that have lavendar hues and a nice coat of trichomes and some short but vibrant orange pistils.

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