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Strain Review: Glitter Box by Tank Shit Dank Shit

Glitter Box ✨ TANKSHIIIT DANKSHIT⛽️🦈💩Review Lineage/Genetics: CandylandGorilla Glue Original Breeder: Fuego Family Farms Grower: Tank Shit Dank Shit

Tank Shit Dank Shit Glitter Box Strain Review

THC levels said to reach around 25% . @ko_smokez & I slid thru to the grab some exotic snacks from @yonexjones & @tankshitboxtruck and found this on the secret menu. Checkout the last few slides to see our snack choices. Super late post ig banned me around the time of purchase. 🎵🎵🎵 @soufsidetitus @relieseherr @relieseher_hairco 👸🏿💇🏿‍♀️ . Purple and green nugs, sparkling with super frosty trichomes and vivid, bold, unrefined long amber-orange stigmas that come together , creating a nice glitter effect to the nugs. That’s not the only reason for the name though., like a glitterbox, the deeper you go , the more bright, mixed and colorful things get. . Pungent candy cream and fuel aroma with hints of spice, floral/lavendar and earthy pine. Sweet kush like flavor, with pine and skunky earth notes. A potent, heavy smoke with some hard hitting and fast acting effects. . A euphoric, mind stimulating high that relaxes your body by easing tension in your muscles. A great strain for unwinding and staying loose but present. . Check out @trunorcal420 review of this strain from a different brand.
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