Dab Review: Sundae Glue Live Rosin by Oregon Dabs

This Sundae Glue (GG4 + Sundae Driver) live rosin had a strong earthy gas GG4 nose with creamy notes from the Sundae Driver 🌱⛽🦍🍦

Grower/Processor: Oregon Dabs/PDX Pressin

Sundae Glue Live Rosin Review

The color and texture of the cold cured badder were very nice and it was great to work with 👍🏼

The flavor was strong earthy gas that was definitely the GG4 I know and love (Clone gifted by Garden of Adam) and also had some creamy notes to it from the Sundae Driver. Dabbing this rosin was super smooth and didn’t leave any harshness in my throat afterwards.

The high was stoney and uplifting while also providing some very nice body relief for me. I felt it strongly in my forehead, behind my eyes and in my shoulders 🤗

Overall I really enjoyed this Sundae Glue live rosin. It was a nice mix with strong flavor and effects. The profiles paired very well together 👌🏼 Great work by everyone involved 🙌🏼

🌱 Oregon Dabs

🧊💧🔥 PDX Pressin

This review was sponsored by Oregon Dabs

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