Edible Review: Chocolate Cranberry Truffle by Dopo

Brand: Dopo
Manufactured by Black Rose Organics Inc.
Packaged: Oct 8, 2022
THC per unit: 5mg, 10mg/package
Units per package: 2, 28g, 90 calories/6g fat/6g sugar/per
“A perfect treat for the holidays!  A tart cranberry ganache in a pure milk chocolate shell.”
I wanted to love the chocolate cranberry truffle by Dopo because I tried their hazelnut dark chocolate truffle and loved it.  It could be just bag appeal but these had obviously melted by the time I opened the package.  Sadly, this did not give me much to work with as far as snapping some pictures of it, you can barely tell what they’re supposed to be.  I had picked these up along with a few other edibles and drinks at the dispensary and left them sitting on a side table in my office, I guess it was warm enough to melt them.  This meant I was also trying to scoop precious chocolate out of the folds of the bottom of the bag making quite a mess.
The chocolate was  smooth and creamy, with good mouthfeel.  It was sweet but nicely tempered by the cranberry taste.  The cranberry was not nearly as tart as the quote from the package suggested.  The milk chocolate shell would have added some nice crunchy contrast to the soft filling but alas I had to use my imagination.
The cranberry truffle has a good amount of fat in them which makes them a great carriers of the THC into you system, superior to sugary alternatives.
Rating: 5/10

melted chocolate cranberry trufflemelted milk chocolate cranberry truffle melted cranberry truffle at the bottom of the bag

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