Edible Review: Dreamt Gummies by Ciencia Labs

Ciencia Labs also is running a new series of cannabis infused gummies called “Dreamt”

Brand: Ciencia Labs

Ciencia Labs Dreamt Gummies Review

Besides THC, the dreamt gummies include CBN, turmeric extract, L-Theanine, as well as Valerian Root Extract, and GABA.

Sweet and lightly sour. The disc form factor was easily chewable and the flavor was better than the Quell gummies but not quite as objectively delicious as the Luchador gummies. These sleep gummies are properly formulated and do not contain any melatonin. Neither do they contain CBN.

This combination supposedly also battles morning fog.

5mg of THC and 2mg of CBD. this is a good combination for getting to sleep, and the other additives are supposed to help with staying asleep and REM sleep.

Any time i take a gummy before sleep, I enjoy myself and wake up feeling like a million bucks. What kind of million bucks is the question. SOmetimes it’s a million bucks in a really dirty suit case that’s handcuffed to somebody’s wrist while they’re running. Other times, like after a night of dreamt sleep, it’s like waking up in a million dollar mansion on sheets of Egyptian cotton.

Not bad at all.

Definitely eat before brushing your teeth.

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