Strain Review: “The Fly” by Cookies

THE FLY REVIEW @cookiessf @powerzzzup @berner415

Genetics: florida kush X the Y

Breeder: Powerzzzup Genetics

Grower: Cookies Enterprises

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Indoor Fly Review

Thc: 30.29% packaged: 11/05/21
Skypack corp / skypackfarms

Slide Directory [SLIDE 9=💰]
1. Cover photo 2. Aroma 3. Appeal 4. Roach clip appeal 5. slow break up/ inner trichs 6. Slow break up / inner trich shots 7. Magic jar top shot 8. Magic jar side shot & top shot 9. Nug selection money shots 10. The burn (4 clips merged into 1)

Aroma: 90/100
creamy! Sweet! Funky! Musky! Half herbal! Half floral! baked cookie flavors and cookie dough flavors. Cakey? Little bit of mint, lil gas (slight lemon pine) AFTERGRIND: cream, dough, mint, musk, gas, pine, cookie.

Outside nug Appeal: 88/100
Inside nug appeal: 93.5/100
4 nug eighth, dense af, perfect structure, dark green nugs, light green bases, dark green/ purple leaves escape the nug. ‘Cookie’ appearance with dark tints & sandy trich appearance. Outside trichs pressed from Mylar but inside trichs have insane coverage, big heads, and sticky af. The inside of the nugs are where the magic is!

Smoke: 90/100
mostly white ash! Lil gray. Resin ring was pretty small the whole cone, but it was there. Pleasant af smoke! Seriously enjoyable sweet dank tasty drags

Taste: 92/100
creamy af, with herbal muskys and sweet but dank af florals! Doughy minty creamy cookie musky floral herbal gas

Effect&potency 90/100
decently potent, effects hit half way through the cone, & last 1:45 hours. Def a downer, body is relaxed, muscles aches have relief, decent head change, Stoney, relaxed, thoughts slowed a notch, body is couch lockable, but mind is also awake but calm though.

Overall: 90/100 good in all categories, it makes the C.B.R. tier 1 ranking by a sliver. Good but could be better, especially if the outside nug looked like the inside of the nug
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