Dab Review: Seabiscuit A2 Rosin by Antigravity Solventless

Antigravity Solventless – Seabiscuit A2

Lineage/Genetics: Afghani x UNKNOWN

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: JoshWax

Processor: Antigravity Solventless

Seabiscuit A2 Dab Review

seabiscuit a2 rosin by antigravity solventless dab review by nc rosin reviews (3)


The will be my second review for Antigravity Solventless. I’m a big fan if these guys because they are always putting out something exotic that I don’t see around that much. The grower for this jar is @joshwax which im not familiar with personally – their mantra is “veganic biodynamic living soil”. I wish I knew what the first two words really meant but I am familiar with living soil: community of microbes working together breaking down organic matter which, in turn, provides valuable nutrition to the plants. We will highlight more of what living soil is down the road with some special post’s and special content ✨️

WOW 👌 👏 🤌 this stuff is amazing! Seriously this is a special jar of Rosin that I’m so happy I got to try. I actually went back and bought a few more of these for the stash. The terps in this jar are crazyyyy flavors. It’s like eating a 3 course meal in your mouth lol. When you sniff this jar you get a very floral, herby, spicy, gas smell. I didn’t get any fruit terps from this one. The genetics for this are Afghani x UNKNOWN. This stuff packs punches👊 👊 👊 and isn’t for the faint of heart. Very stoney and very blazed. The dab tastes so complex that it’s hard to pinpoint things but I got alot of gas flavor that made me cough. This flavor is super unique and kind of reminds me of the ‘Miami Jet Fuel’ from Soil Built gas taste.

From the JoshWax website:
“The A2 is a rock-hard resinous afghani with floral petrol gassy deep kushy flavor. Heavier than an OG with soft and sweet undertones: dried Neapolitan astronaut ice cream and hints of dark currants/berry fuel. Pain-relief knockout medical sleep aid.”

Grab this when you see it 👀 👀 I enjoy Seabiscuit and really want to try some more JoshWax in the future if possible. This jar gets a 9.1 from me 🤌🤌 super unique terps here that slap back with a high you won’t forget 😤😤

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