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Dab Review: Pelosi Melons Rosin by West Coast Alchemy

West Coast Alchemy – Pelosi Melons 🍈 🍈 Terp: Melon Terpenes Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Ohmega Farms Processor: West Coast Alchemy

Pelosi Melons Dab Review

pelosi melons rosin by west coast alchemy dab review by nc rosin reviews (3) First time I saw this jar I laughed and passed over it since it wasn’t a collab <I’ve been corrected and this is a collab with ohmega farms> – glad I tried it out this time πŸ˜€ Pretty sure this is part of the newest WCA drop as I don’t remember seeing it previously. WCA is known for having some great terps/tastes and this jar didn’t disappoint at all. Very wet and sticky icky. Great example of Melon terpenes. These WCA jars have always been solid quality, and this was no exceptionπŸ‘Œ This nose is straight up melon flavor. Not like fruity but more of a candy melon flavor. Sweet enough that it kind of smells like bubblegum? If that makes any sense? The taste is straight melon as well, but more of a ‘fried’ flavor. Reminds me of what the ‘Fried’ in the ‘fried bananas’ WCA tasted like. Yummy is a great description – just a solid example of what a terpy, drippy, flavorful, and smelly Rosin should be like. Would I pay above normal price for this (because some people charge more🀑) absolutely not and you shoulsnt either!! It’s not that unique tbh. I would pay more for something like ‘Champaya’ or ‘Orange Malt’ or ‘Grease Bucket’ 🀌🀌 Great jar of Rosin thats gets a solid 7.10 score. If you like melon terps then this is for you my good Sir πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ Melon is good but not at the top for me. Will store this away for when I’m really low and need something yummy. #dabs #ROSIN #cannabis #hashrosin #terpenes #hashhead #solventless #solventlessordie #terps #710 #dabtime #puffco #proxy #puffcoproxy #hash #HREAM #hashish #rosinordie #terpslurpdessert #drops #WCA #westcoastalchemy2.0 #pelosimelons #melonterps
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