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Strain Review: Shittlez by Headstash

Brand @headstash_cultivators @headstashonly Strain- #Shittlez Lineage/Genetics: (sherbert x zkittlez) Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Headstash Terpene Profile: Unknown

Shittlez Strain Review

I’m just going to say I feel so honored to be reviewing some flower that is known up in the San Francisco Area and now coming down to Los Angeles and having this being displayed in some amazing dispensary. Currently In review mode and from my initial this is going to be 8/10. If you do enjoy those purple strains then this might be for you. aroma comes off as sweet,floral, herbal … Hello followers and happy holidays so I decided to drop this picture today to show you guys and gals some of Headstash Flower and man I see why this brand is being so recommended because with a name like Shittlez, it makes you curious how it can be. Aroma- Cinnamon, Pine, Lavender, Hops. Effects- Euphoria,Eyes Pulsating (Good Kind),Some Couch Locked. Colors range from light green, orange hairs, along with the light purple. Trichome structure from Top to Bottom Onset- Immediately once bowl creeps up. Duration- 1 Hour Experience level- High, if your a beginner be careful. This will create a thick white smoke along with the smell that comes from Cannabis so be careful. Thank you again and as always Mad love to @med.max.2k19
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Check out more reviews and content by @stoneybearreviews on Instagram! (

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