Pre-roll Review: Zippies by Crown Genetics

Brand- @zipsbycrown

Product- Zippies

Brand: Crown OG

Crown Zippies Pre-roll Review

Helloo followers I do apologize for the non post constantly as I was going thru a bit of a rough patch but that’s ok, let talk about these Zippies what are these you may ask yourself well this are 5 packs of mini pre-rolls ready to be light up at any given occasion and the best part they are a quick and discreet way to get lifted while on the go. They come in a small amount and depends how big your lungs are. The effects will depend on the strain you pick up and they do come in different varieties of Sativa, Indica, Hybrid. And yes I was given one of each to try. I love the packing which is a pull out tray with the 5 Minis being in there. Recommend for beginners because heavy smokers will smoke the whole pack. I smoke 2 and wow I was elevated with just 2. This are from real flower and none of that left over. Lighting one up won’t give you that lingering throat feeling like your chocking. Smooth to the lungs and thick white smoke being let out.
Rating- 7/10
Effects- 7/10
Real indoor Flower.
Variety of Strains.
If you’re a big smoker, you won’t like these at all. These are for those that want a quick and lasting high.



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