Strain Review: Pink Runtz by Crown Genetics

Brand- @crown.og
Strain- Pink Runtz #pinkruntz
(Summer Collection Edition)

Lineage/Genetics: Zkittlez x Gelato #33

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Crown Genetics

Pink Runtz Strain Review

Thank you to @crown.og & @nikd01 for letting me try there second strain which is the pink runtz and wow this one is also is a great strain and one to pick up while available for there Summer Edition Collection. Jar comes with a pink color to match the pink runtz name.
Well let’s go and talk about this one here from the moment you open the jar comes the hint of Sweet, Candy Aroma with a hint of that diesel that will tell your nostrils let’s go and take a bowl, and you won’t be disappointed with this from the moment you pull it out your met with 3 big Nugs glossing with the Trichomes structure from Top to Bottom.

The Flower varies from Dark Purple undertones with that Green hues to go along with it. The initial effects from when you take a toke will also vary on your tolerance. For me the effects were of celebral,head, and mostly body high, and the initial couch locked once you over do it (I smoke like 4 bowls so Yeah) take it easy if your a beginner, but any Smoker should add this one to there Strains. I smoke Pink Runtz before and like everyone who grows each flower it’s unique in it’s own way and Crown OG hit it with this one here.

Price ranges up to Sixty Dollars – which in my book is worth it as I see similar strains reach up to over Eighty dollars for an 1/8. Add it and try it and see why I keep supporting Crown OG.

Rating 8/10.
Effects- Head,Body Sedation,Couch Locked if you smoke a lot.
Duration 1 Hour.
Inhale- Sweet and flavorful
Exhale- Strong gassy aroma, little itching on the throat.
Price Range -Sixty Dollars

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