Strain Review: Razzlez by Headstash Farms

Brand- @headstash_cultivators @officialrazzlez415

Strain- Razzlez #razzlez

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Breeder/Grower: Headstash Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Razzlez Strain Review

Followers happy Sunday, I’m posting this strain here which is a unique type of name, not sure about the genetics but so far is has a earthy, sweet and that gassy aroma but not powerful it hits the nostrils. The flower from the initial inspection is a Purple (favorite type of strain) Flower the colors are purple with hints of green and orange colors also.

The effects are what you can expect some couch locked along with some euphoria, eyes pulsating. The smoke is heavy and thick which is nice, inhale is nice and smooth and nothing harsh on the throat and exhale is also smooth and strong aroma so just expect to have someone look at you if outside. Onset is instant and will last about 1 hour or depending on how much you smoke.

Rating- 8/10
Effects- 8/10
Price- $$
Onset- Instant
Duration- 1 Hour.
Genetics- (Unknown)

Thanks to @med.max.2k19 and @headstash_cultivators

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