Concentrate Review: Blue Dream Oil by Cedar Creek Cannabis

Blue Dream Oil (Terp Sauce) from: Cedar Creek Cannabis

Lineage/Genetics: Blueberry x Haze

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower/Processor: Cedar Creek Cannabis

Blue Dream Oil (Terp Sauce) Review

blue dream terp sauce by cedar creek cannabis concentrate review by 502strainsheet 2When I hold this product in my hand, I think of it as medicine. When I smell and look at this product, and think about the company that grew and processed it, I don’t immediately think of recreational pot use, I think of it as ‘medicine’ for myself.

I’ve used many Cedar Creek products and many other concentrates from other companies. This is a product from a company that I know will have health benefits to my mind and body. It comes from a plant that was grown properly. The product is clean and consistent. I trust the company that made it.

The rich floral aroma of Blue Dream oil, a little CBD, not too much THC, relaxes my body and wakes my mind up to exactly where I need and want to be for the day.

STRAIN: Blue Dream

AROMA: Floral, sweet

FLAVOR: Tangy and sweet

EFFECTS: [Sativa Dominant] Hybrid: body high and heady high.


PRICE: $18 for 1 gram.

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Check out more reviews by @502strainsheet on Instagram! (

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