Strain Review: Crown OG by Crown Genetics

Brand- @crown.og (Crown Genetics)

Strain- #crownog

Lineage/Genetics: (King Louis OG x SFV OG)

Original Breeder: Crown Genetics

Grower: Crown Genetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Crown OG Strain Review

Happy Friday followers I hope everyone is having a great morning.Now after posting the previous picture of the flower by a different brand I decided to post the second flower that was going thru a vote with the Razzlez but you can read more into that flower on the post before this one. So let’s talk about the Crown OG now I been a big fan of this flower and Brand for a long time and when given the opportunity to review I had to jump on it,

So what happens when you get two OG’s you get a powerful flower that just brings an aroma of Pine, Sweet, and Earthy and with being an Indica you can expect some the following effects- Euphoric, Cerebral, Relaxing and some couch locked and munchies do increase so just be aware that you will eating till you pass out.

This is not recommend for beginners as this might cause some anxiety if your not experience with heavy indica’s, Now once you smoke this you expect your lungs to expand and might cause some coughing but the good feeling.

You can expect the hit to go to the head first and then towards the rest of the body… Ask anyone who really knows OG’s and they will know what CROWN OG is and hopefully have smoke it.

Flower (Orange Hairs,Greenish Hues, Fluffy Nug, Sticky to the touch)
Recommend- 9/10
Price- Sixty $$
Onset- Immediately
Duration- 1-2 Hours
Recommend for Depression, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Loss of appetite, …
Thank you @crown.og @nikd01

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