Vape Review: Dabwood Vapes by Crown Genetics

Brand- @vapedabwoods

Strain- (Multiple Strains)

Processor: Dabwoods

Dabwoods Vape Review

Where do I start off I don’t usually review Vapes but when I get the opportunity to review a brand who’s part of a bigger family then why not. Let me present to you the @vapedabwoods a vape that is rechargeable and I’ll be the first to say I was skeptical about rechargeable Vapes because I’m like wait that won’t make a difference and I’ll say I was wrong I decided to leave one alone for 2 days for the battery to go low and hit it and it wasn’t as powerful as i was expecting and no cough or immediate effects. Now to the one I had recharging and wow and I’ll say wow again I hit the once and immediately felt the hit with a little cough attack (sorry not use to Vapes so intend to hit it hard 🤫).
I felt the effects immediately hit my body and felt my eyes have that weird twitch. I love the fact that you can actually terps with the flavor and yes it clean oil as it doesn’t look weird or brown, I would compared them to Stiizy as they are clean and yessss the effects are there.
I love the design and overall feeling to this vape as it’s not bulky and discreet but with being bright orange might be noticeable but hey let them puff and feel It. And the fact that this also brings 3 windows to view how much oil is left is also amazing. So you can prepare yourself to purchase another one.
Here’s my recommendation:
1 Puffs- Ok.
3 Puffs- Some Effects.
5 Puffs- Immediately feeling and coughing.
Rating- 8/10.
Price- Fifty Five Dollars.
Weight- 1 Gr.
Part of the Crown OG family of products.

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