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Strain Review: Gorilla OG by THE REUP

Brand @the_reup_brand Strain: gorilla og Lineage/Genetics: GG4 x Mango Kush Breeder: Unknown Grower: THE REUP Terpene Profile: Unknown

Gorilla OG Strain Review

… Well hello there followers, I am dropping this picture today, and there’s more to come from this strain. Somehow I smell this flower and it instantly kicked in a big smile why because this is a true OG meaning prepare for the instant Head High and that Diesel exhale and the Gassy inhale.. This is for the experience smokers and those who enjoy a heavy indica feeling and couch locked mode, but for us experience smokers you will go ahead and smoke and feel the effects but still can function. And also please note that OG do grown smalls and not those big stalks you seen with other flowers but I can reassure that this is cover from Top to Bottom with pure Trichomes meaning it’s gonna be a great strain.Gorilla OG buds have long grape-shaped forest green nugs with thick and furry dark orange hairs and a coating of sparkling minty white crystal trichomes. I would keep this one for the night time, but we all know you will smoke it at anytime. If you see this one make sure to pick it up. And also because @the_reup_brand is coming with some flower. Oh the best part this is part of the @crown.og Family and I’m part of this so expect more reviews and close ups. Appreciate the support and love. … Rating 8/10 Onset- Immediately Duration- 1 hour or less if you take a nap. Aroma- Citrus,Sweet,Sour, Mango, Fruity, Tropical Effects- Body High,Euphoria, Relaxing ,Sleepy, Tingly …
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Check out more reviews and content by @stoneybearreviews on Instagram! (

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